This page attempts to define some of the terms used on this site, as they are used here.

Bookmark: any placemark, note or annotation made by a reader in a book.

Developer: in this context, anyone who builds services for reading electronic books, or acts on the reading experience.

Ebook: an electronic book.

Ereading: reading an electronic book.

Ereader: a device or platform for reading an electronic book.

Platform and service agnosticism: the principle that platforms and services should interact with one another freely, regardless of origin.

Publisher: in this context, anyone who makes an electronic book available to readers.

Reading experience: anything a reader does while reading a book, and the data generated by that experience, including progress, bookmarking, annotating, and sharing.

Social reading: see this page on social reading.

Social reading service: any service which records and acts on data about the reading experience.